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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  September 1, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> when you try to think who should be held accountable, there is plenty of responsibility to go around. whoegins with u.s. elites make plans without consulting the people of the united states about where these bases are going to go. and the elites of the countries in which those bases are located, who make the decision
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to comply with u.s. requests for basing, without consulting with their people. there have been critiques of the way decisions have been made between lower-level functionaries. agreements are made that i pass formal political structures of the country. >> by hosting bases, countries lose their sovereignty in a number of ways. for example, questions of crime. tank ran overs. schoolgirls on their way to a birthday party. these soldiers were in a tank, and no one was held accountable. you can do an interesting study, in terms of the thickness of the status of forces agreement. the us is what is negotiated between the and so-called host nations. it determines what access the united states will have, what political powers, what happens
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when u.s. soldiers commit crimes in these countries. what you find is that the countries that have less power or leverage, in relationship to the united states, have much thinner s.o.f.a.'s. in these countries, u.s. soldiers are not tried under the law of the host nation. they are not put into prison in the host nation. often, they are just brought back to the united states, or deployed to a war zone, because, as they say, boys will be boys. these guys have been trained to be more aggressive, and so they were more aggressive.
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>> you are pumped. you are like shot up with steroids, you know? you are working out everyday. you you have guns. you have stuff. when you live off the base, you feel good about yourself. you feel you are a tough guy. coming into town with that sort of attitude, getting kind of innk, someone looks at you the wrong way, you knock the hell out of them. you are a soldier. you are a marine. they liked that stuff. the military likes that stuff. they may say, we do not want our guys breaking local rules and causing problems for the local people. bull crap. that is garbage. if that is the case, you do not let us off the base. you let us off the base, there is going to be issues.
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i heard on the news one day about an okinawan girl had been raped a united states military man. and i was very upset over this, because i remember how we had sort of treated the okinawan people when i was here, as an 18-year-old. eventually, some peace activists got in touch with me, and they had a contact here in okinawa. when they found out that i have been stationed here, they let the base people here know that there is an ex-marine who was stationed here, who is doing piecework now in america. now in america. they invited me to do lectures. that was 1966. as i moved around the island and saw the bases were still here, i could not believe it. it is almost like a cancer here
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for these people. since the end of world war ii, these bases have in here. -- have been here. when i came here in 1966 to go to vietnam, i do not even remember okinawan people. i do not even remember seeing them. they were just shadows, walking around. what i do remember is the women. i remember the drinking. i remember the fighting. that is what i remember. but in terms of okinawan altar, i did not eat their food. i ate cheeseburgers at the base. i did not drink their alcohol. i drank budweiser at the base. this whole idea of americanism stays within the base, within the militarism of ourselves. this is something americans should know, what happens when we open bases in someone else's country. what kind of problems does it
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solve, or does it force more problems? i think it does. i think people get really angry at this idea that we are policing the world, we have a right to put bases anywhere we want. we do not have foreign bases in america. we do not have any british base, and a korean base, any french bases. we have all american bases. for us, our bases are fine. the noise is our noise. it does not bother us at all, because they are our bases. for other people, it is a real problem. >>[speaking a foreign language]
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>> [speaking a foreign language] >> [speaking a foreign language]
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